About Dragons' Apprentice Challenge

Schools identify their interest in participating and encourage year 12 students to put themselves forward and form teams of 6. Each team is matched with a local business mentor (their dragon) and a local charity or community group. Teams are given £100 and challenged to "turn £100 into £1,000 or more". Dragons provide support in the form of advice, and access to resources, to help their team achieve their business goal and funding target.  All profits made by the teams go directly to their allocated charity/community organisation. The challenge runs annually from October - March. 

During the 2015/16 challenge teams of students from schools and colleges across Hertfordshire worked hard to devise ways of earning money for 56 local charities. With support from local business Dragons, team income generating projects included party nights, themed dinners in local restaurants, race nights, quizzes, concerts, cake sales, items created and sold at local markets plus on-line auctions. One team from Watford made over £11,000 profit thorugh a wide range of activities including hoodie sales and a fashion show. Together the teams earned over £98,000.

To date over 1600 young people have participated and over £386,000 has been presented to 190 Hertfordshire based charities.

Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge is managed by the Centre for Voluntary Service (CVS) St Albans and District. To register your interest in the next challenge please contact us.

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